About Us

About Us

Our Mission

The purpose of the Development Office is to create a community of support for the many ministries of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  By connecting caring donors with these Catholic causes, we ensure that our parishes, schools, seminaries and service organizations have the funds they need to carry out their missions.

Our office offers expertise to enhance fund-raising activities. As a central resource, the Development Office ensures that activities are organized in a way that makes responsible use of donated funds and responds to current and future needs of our Archdiocese and those it serves.

In accordance with the priorities of our Archbishop, we raise funds to:

  • Enrich parish life
  • Form the minds, hearts and souls of children in our Catholic schools
  • Reach out to schools and parishes in greatest need
  • Provide shelter, food and emergency care for those who are vulnerable
  • Help men and women answer a call to vocations
  • Strengthen families
  • Advance lifelong faith formation
  • Care for our retiring priests
  • Promote a culture of life
  • Nourish souls

Development team members are fund-raising professionals who embrace Catholic values of integrity, respect and responsibility.  The team creates and carries out campaigns to raise annual support, support special projects, secure grant funds, meet capital needs and build a network of legacy donors.  At the heart of the Development Department is a commitment to donor choice, stewardship and accountability as guardians of gifts to the Archdiocese.

Board of Directors 2016

Archbishop Jose Gomez

Bill Ahmanson

Bishop Robert E. Barron

Christopher Alders

William Close

Gretchen A. Willison

Janet Feeley

John Baker

Joseph M. Boskovich Sr.

Louis M. Castruccio

M. Jan Akre

Maria Grant

Mollie Baumer

Monsignor Clement J. Connolly

Monsignor Greg Cox

Monsignor Jarlath Cunnane

Monsignor John F. Barry

Monsignor Lloyd Torgersen

Robert Smith III

Tim Smith

Ex-Officio Board Members 2016

Fr. Albert Bahhuth

Randolph E. Steiner


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