Pathway to Priesthood

Pathway to Priesthood

Help us create a center for young men who are preparing for priestly ministry, a place where they may discern, live in community, study and pray.

Pathway to Priesthood

For many young men, the path to priesthood begins at the Archdiocese’s place of priestly formation for undergraduate-age seminarians. To be renamed Queen of Angels Center for Priestly Formation – to honor Our Lady – this program strives to be a source of encouragement and education as these young men live out the convictions and challenges of pursuing their new calling.

The Archdiocese plans a single site for the Queen of Angels Center, one that will bring together its seminarians into a close community and build for the future as more young men pursue their calling.

The Pathway to Priesthood campaign will raise funds for this new site, complete with rooms for 40 seminarians, a chapel, learning lab and library, space for one-to-one spiritual direction, kitchen and dining area, and exercise room.

We ask for your support for this campaign.  A “new energy to support our priests and seminarians and to build this culture of vocations,” as Archbishop Gomez noted, will give young men a cohesive, connected faith community in which to live out their calling to become shepherds to the people of God in Los Angeles.

To support the campaign, please call 213-637-7523.


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