St. John’s Seminary

St. John’s Seminary

Today, the annual cost to educate, insure and house a seminarian is $60,000. Our Archdiocese supports the operating budget, but there is a serious shortfall that your contribution can fill each year.

St. John’s Seminary

Since the seminary opened its doors 75 years ago, over 1,200 men have been ordained to the priesthood for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles as well as for other dioceses throughout the world . Almost 100 men are currently enrolled at St. John’s today.

A great deal has changed in the Church and in our culture and society since then. The need for priests is greater than ever! We need good, holy men who will be the shepherds to lead and guide the 5 million Catholics living in our vast local Church.

Our priests not only serve in our parishes but educate your children as teachers, provide spiritual care to a loved one in hospice and administer the Sacraments which are the basis of our Catholic faith.



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