Cardinal MacIntyre

Cardinal MacIntyre

The “Fund” provides emergency help to persons who have nowhere else to go. 100% of your tax deductible contribution goes directly toward helping the poorest of the poor.

Cardinal MacIntyre Fund

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In 1948, shortly after he was appointed Archbishop of Los Angeles, Cardinal James Francis McIntyre recognized that certain institutions and agencies were facing hardships because of inadequate financing.

These organizations were ineligible for funding through public sources such as the Community Chests (predecessor to the United Way) and included: family welfare; institutions for the aged; health and youth services; adoption agencies, care for the blind, hard of hearing, mentally retarded and handicapped. Also needed were funds for maternity care, emergency relief and expanded social services in distressed neighborhoods.

The “Fund” provides emergency help to persons who have nowhere else to go. The Fund is not a replacement or supplement for welfare or other forms of public assistance. It does not support persons’ living needs on a continuing basis. Rather the Fund acts to solve immediate, pressing problems: food and milk for three days, lodging for the night, emergency medical care, rent to tide over a financial crisis or a utility bill to keep the water or heat turned on for the week.

Your contributions to the Cardinal McIntyre Fund for Charity make you a sharer in our parishes’ works of mercy, and in their rewards of grace.

Join us in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ by strengthening your parish or school or supporting a seminary or service ministry. At the heart of the Development Department is a commitment to donor choice, stewardship and accountability as guardians of gifts to the Archdiocese.


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