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Catholic Schools LA / Ventura / Santa Barbara


Catholic schools are institutions of opportunity. For generations, they have provided students with an excellent academic and moral education, launching purpose-filled lives. More than 250 Catholic schools serve three counties in the Greater Los Angeles Region; Los Angeles County, Santa Barbara County and Ventura County.

Our schools have traditionally welcomed people from the margins of society and helped them to find their places in the professions, in families, and in a life of service in the community. We pride ourselves on welcoming students from a range of financial realities with diverse backgrounds and helping them to find their places in the college, career, family, and in a life of service to their local and global community. Our faith in Jesus Christ makes this possible — because our faith is Catholic, and the word Catholic means universal, inclusive, and welcoming. We equip our students to live the life of Jesus Christ and take the Gospel to the whole world — every profession, every household, every neighborhood and social class.

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